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President Campbell's Welcome

Greetings Sorors and Guests!

Hello My Beautiful Sorors and Visitors,

Here we are at the beginning of another wonderful year in Delta. We are living in a time that we would have never imagined, faced with a pandemic that has caused all of us to change the way we do things, the way we communicate, the way we interact. Even with this being the case, I am excited about all that we are still yet able to do. Utilizing the world of technology, we are still able to fellowship. We are still able to love. We are still able to serve. We are able to “Get Back to Sisterhood”.

Kingstree-Lake City Alumnae Chapter has been serving Williamsburg and Lower Florence counties since its inception on November 28, 1975 when 12 ambitious, dedicated Delta women united to answer a need in the communities in which they lived. In conjunction with our Sorority’s National theme: “Joy in our Sisterhood, Power in our Voice and Service in our Heart; we are committed to public service through our Five Point Programmatic Thrust :

  • Economic Development
  • Educational Development
  • International Awareness & Involvement
  • Physical & Mental Health
  • Political & Social Awareness and Involvement


In addition to viewing our website, we encourage you to visit Delta’s National website, www.deltasigmtheta.org to learn more about our sorority. We look forward to a wonderful year as we Make a Difference and Impact Lives One Day at a Time on a local, regional and national level!

Wishing you blessings today and always,

Beverly Campbell, President
Kingstree-Lake City Alumnae Chapter

History of Kingstree-Lake City alumnae

The Kingstree-Lake City Alumnae Chapter was born out of a need for the support of the sorority and a desire of the members of the sorority to continue the programs and commitments made in college. Soror Vela McClam and Soror Cynthia Gamble began to canvas the community for others who felt so inclined. Using their resources, they found others and thus, the chapter was organized.

On November 28, 1975, the Regional Director, Soror Louise Reddick, performed the necessary rituals and thus gave birth to the chapter. There were twelve charter members. They are/were:

Shirley M. Brown
Vela M. McClam
Genevieve F. Burgess
Carolyn O. Robinson
Marva B. Cannion
Fannie M. Scott
Charlottie A. Cannon*
Altormeaze S. Shaw
Leila H. Carr
Ludie F.Singleton
Hazel B. Epps
Cynthia G. Starks

The Kingstree-Lake City Alumnae Chapter has functioned successfully with ten presidents. Soror Vela McClam (1975-1979) who served as the Chapter’s first president was succeeded by Soror Cynthia G. Starks (1979-1981), Soror Carolyn Robinson (1981-1983), Soror Frankie Keels (1983-1987), Soror Lorene Bradley (1987-1991), Soror Abigail Busby-Webb (1991-1995), Soror Veronica Clinkscales (1995-1999), Soror Jennifer Gardner (1999-2003), and Soror Stiney Gardner (2003-2007). Soror Lorraine Wilson (2007-2011), Soror Marva B. Cannion (2011 to 2015), Soror Tara Cunningham Cantey (2015-2019), Soror Lorraine Wilson (2019-2020), and Soror Beverly Campbell (2020-present).

Projects that have been undertaken by the many administrations include: Halloween celebrations at the hospital; Thanksgiving gifts to special needs and foster children; Tutorial program; Workshops for unwed mothers; Baby Showers for unwed Mothers; UNCF Telethon; NAACP Banquets; Claflin Alumni Banquet; UNCF Gala in Florence; March of Dimes; Habitat for Humanity; Summit IV Aids Awareness; Summit V Betty Shabazz Delta Academy; Dr. Jeanne L. Noble GEMS Institute; Delta Violet Award; Delta Dear Award; Voter registration drives; Jabberwock; Scholarship programs for four high schools; Parades in the County and City; Pee Dee Coalition sponsor; Member of the Arts Council; Mentoring to elementary through high school students; After school programs; Read America Programs; Martin Luther King Observance; Christmas Party for the foster care children and children whose parents were overseas; Financial Aid Workshops; Community Health Fairs; Town Hall Meetings for County and City Government; and Delta Day in Williamsburg County.


Executive Committee

Regina Nesmith Dimery

Corresponding Secretary

Genevieve Burgess

Audit Chairperson

Melissa Scott

Nominating Committee Chairperson